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WPASOA - Annual Written Exam

Every official is required to take the NFHS written soccer test ONLINE each season. The link to set up an account (new officials) or sign into your existing account is:

NFHS Exam System

The annual testing period is generally from late-May until mid-August. The exact dates will be posted on the WPASOA Home page. Your test must be completed by the deadline.

A grade of 85 is required to maintain varsity status. A grade of 70 is the minimum passing grade.
Failure to complete the test will result in removal from the active officials list as per the NYSPHSAA Five Point Plan and the WPASOA by laws.

New rules for the coming season can be found in "Clinicians Corner" under
"Member Information".

Advise the Secretary with a copy of your completion notice.

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