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WPASOA - Game Day Procedures

Pre-game Responsibilities

  1. Call the school to:
    Verify the time and site of the game. If you get a voice mail, request a call back. Verify with someone - do not assume anything.
  2. Call your partner to:
    Establish the time when each of you will arrive at the game site (at least ½ hour prior to the start of the game), and where you will meet.
    Decide on uniform colors.
  3. At the site:
    • Make every effort to arrive at game site 30 minutes before scheduled kickoff, but no later than 15 minutes before.
    • Meet partner in parking lot if possible and decide on uniform. [The standard uniform is yellow grid shirt and white striped socks.]
      OFFICIALS MUST BE DRESSED ALIKE. Walk onto the field together.
    • Inspect field together - goals and nets, goalposts on goal line, goals secured, pace 12 yards for PK spot, pace 10 yards from corner arcs, etc. casual inspection of player equipment, jewelry during warmup...if you see any illegal or improper equipment instruct player and coach to remove it.
      Decide head referee, act businesslike, brief introduction to coaches (any conversation with coaches MUST be in language that both understand)
    • Ask coaches for team rosters.

    • Discuss the following:
      a) responsibility of lead and trail official during free kicks, especially deep in attacking zone: lead sets up wall if needed, trail at ball.
      b) areas of mutual coverage.
      c) review second whistle responsibility: lead gives second whistle on all free kicks. EXCEPTIONS: kick off, goal kick, some substitution situations.
      d) areas of difficult individual coverage, especially for lead official - responsibility of trail official to follow play and watch OFF THE BALL.
      e) COMMUNICATION through eye contact, voice, whistle, signals especially direct or indirect kick.
    • About 5 minutes prior to kickoff - Meet with captains and HEAD coaches
      a) Inquire of each head coach weather each of his/her players will be properly and legally equipped at the kickoff.
      They must say, " YES."
      b) read Sportsmanship Card in its entirety.
      c) explain to captains what you expect of them
      d) toss coin
    • Call teams to the touchline
      a) Remind players of NY State and Section One expectations for good sportsmanship in today's match.

Sportsmanship Code

The New York State Public High School Athletic Association requires officials to enforce all sportsmanship rules for athletes and coaches. We will not tolerate negative statements or actions between opposing players, especially trash-talking, taunting or baiting of opponents. If such comments are heard or actions seen, a penalty will be assessed immediately. We have been instructed not to issue warnings.
Let today's contest reflect mutual respect.

Regular Season Overtime

Boys - Two 10 minute periods - SUDDEN VICTORY
Girls - Two full 10 minute periods - NO SUDDEN VICTORY


Post-game Responsibilities

  1. Verify the score.
  2. At end of game, meet partner, shake hands, casually observe player handshake, walk off together.
  3. Decide who will make any necessary phone calls to BOCES or Association President re: ejections or unusual situations.
  4. Make sure to have player name, number, and school for online card report (if necessary)
  5. ALL yellow and red cards in ANY match must be reported to BOCES by using the log-in form under Card Reports. In addition, ALL ejections must be reported the day or evening of the match by phone or email to the President.

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