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WPASOA - Insurance


Member Insurance

As part of your WPASOA dues, you have insurance that covers you for "games officiated on behalf and in the name of Westchester-Putnam Approved Soccer Officials Association." Currently, SW BOCES is the only organization with whom WPASOA contracts to provide referee services. This insurance covers general liability (claims of injury to others or property damage) up to $1,000,000 per occurrence and $5,000,000 per event.

Injury to yourself may be covered by your personal medical insurance; check your policy for details.

Homeowners or umbrella policies may or may not cover your refereeing activities; check your policy for details.

If you want additional protection or peace of mind (for example, because you work for organized leagues other than games scheduled by BOCES, because you referee other sports, or you are uncertain about what coverage you have), WPASOA is pleased to offer you the opportunity to purchase NASO (National Association of Sports Officials) membership at a special group discount rate.

Note that if you have purchased NASO coverage at the group rate through another organization you are already covered and do not need to purchase it again through the WPASOA.


About NASO coverage

NASO insurance provides, for any referee activity - including training or mentoring referees -- for any recognized ("recognized" means organized and plays by written rules) sport at any level:

  • $6,000,000 coverage per occurrence and $14,000,000 aggregate per individual, general liability and personal injury coverage - in addition to whatever other insurance might apply
  • Up to $100,000 coverage for claims involving challenged game call that resulted in a claimed financial loss. (Example: loss of a scholarship that a player blames on your call.)

For more details and other benefits of NASO membership, please refer to the NASO Member Guidebook 2018 (download, 44 page PDF) or the
NASO-Member-Benefits-Summary.pdf (1 page).

What does it cost?

In partnership with the Westchester Soccer Referee Organization (WSRO, which serves USSF referees), WPASOA is offering NASO membership at a special group price of $86 per year.
This is more than a 25% discount from the regular 1-year annual membership fee of $116.

Group memberships will begin on July 1, and will run for one year. The sign-up deadline for participation is June 24. You may sign up at wsroref.wildapricot.org/NASO-Membership/
(WSRO members: please login with your WSRO email and password)

For referees that are already NASO members or Referee magazine subscribers, (but are not already part of the group membership), the unused portion of your membership or subscription fee (as of July 1) will be refunded to you directly by NASO.

Page last updated: May 3, 2019

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