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WPASOA - Ratings & Rankings

The rankings and groupings for each season are determined solely by input of ratings by the Section 1 coaches as compiled for us by BOCES.

The ratings and subsequent rankings determine the composition of the WPASOA's three Groups.

  • Group 1 has two divisions, 1A and 1:

    Group 1 is comprised of the highest rated referees. They officiate Varsity games. Division 1A represents the upper 1/3 rated referees in Group 1, the balance becoming Division 1 officials. Referees that work only girls' varsity are not eligible for Division 1A status.
  • Together, Divisions 1A and 1 represent 1/3 of the total organization. A minimum of three years of work in Groups 2 and 3 are required before becoming eligible for Group 1. A minimum of (15) games worked is necessary to maintain Group 1 status.
  • Group 2 has two components, Division 2A and Division 2:

    Division 2A represents the upper 1/3 rated refs within the entire Group 2. A minimum of two years in the organization is required for entry into this division. Assignments for Group 2A members will include varsity, JV and modified. A minimum of (15) games worked is necessary to maintain Division 2A status.
  • Group 3 represents all new referees and requires a minimum of (5) games worked to advance to the next Division 2 of Group 2. Group 3 officials will primarily work modified games.

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Relegation/Advancement from Division to Division

In Group 1, seven (7) referees will drop to the top of Group 2A in the following order: Those who have dropped from active membership, those who have failed to meet the minimum amount of required games (15), the lowest rated/ranked referees in Group 1.

In Group 2A, the top (7) seven rated/ranked referees move up to the bottom of Group 1. Seven will drop to the top of Group 2 according to the same priority order used for Group 1 officials, above.

In Group 2, the top (7) seven rated/ranked officials advance to the bottom of Group 2A. There is no relegation of referees back to Group 3.

In Group 3, all advance to the bottom of Group 2 upon working a minimum of (5) games.

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