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Assignment Procedures

During the spring, you are required to submit / update your availability online to BOCES via your RefView account.  You will receive your assignments later in the spring based on your geographical and date availability and rankings. You will be asked to confirm or reject the assignments.

Your up-to-date, current availability on the BOCES website is the most important aspect to getting assignments from BOCES (that means checking the website at least once daily during the season). Keep current with your "Close-out" dates on the BOCES system. These are days you cannot work. On specific dates you can go to the "Overrides" section and specify what times you are available on a specific day (e.g. you have a Baptism to attend at 3 PM so you can only work an 11 AM game that Saturday). As your personal events change, let BOCES know!

To specify certain schools or regions you do not want to work, you must contact the soccer assignor directly, via telephone or e-mail, and let him/her know your specific travel restrictions (e.g., you can't make it to Carmel or Brewster during the week because they are too far away), or (I can't work any Horace Greeley soccer games because my son plays on the JV team). [see: BOCES Information on the About Us page]

Do not schedule things too "tight", or "double-dip" assignments from BOCES and other soccer assignors. Allow plenty of time for travel, construction or congestion delays, mechanical breakdowns and any unforeseen events that can happen between assignments. If you are late to an assigned game you will bear full responsibility.

Keep your availability current also for post-season playoff assignments. These are often scheduled at 2 PM during the week and may not be available to everyone due to job restrictions. Remember that Sectionals are the coaches' tournament and these assignments are made to top-rated officials in the order of their ranking and whether or not they are on certain coaches' "preferred" or "non-preferred" lists.

Enjoy your time on the field! It's the players' game!

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