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Sectional Reminders

Overtime for ALL Sectional Games:

Boys: 2 x 15 minute Sudden Victory periods, then PK's if tied

Girls: 2 x 10 Minute full periods, then 2 x 5 minute Sudden Victory periods, then PK's if tied

Other important reminders

  • Get there early - at least 45 minutes before the kickoff.
  • Have your NFHS rulebook, NYS Modifications, and Sectional Reminders at the field.
  • Have detailed pre-game with your partner(s), including OT review.
  • Inspect field - corner kick distance for defenders, nets and goals properly secured, balls properly inflated, player equipment, etc.
  • Identify site coordinator for spectator or fan issues.
  • The visible scoreboard clock should run all the way down to 0:00 in all periods, including overtime. Meet with timers re when to stop and start the clock. Home team has the option of having officials keep time on the field. In this case the visible scoreboard clock (if there is one) is to be TURNED OFF.
  • Speak with trainers about waiting to enter the field of play until beckoned (if you stop the clock on an injury, the player must leave.)
  • Get rosters from coaches - check rosters and confirm with coaches that only people on the roster can be on the bench side of field. Add them now (assistants, trainers).
  • Remind coaches about subs being at mid-field before the ball goes out of play on a goal kick, corner kick, or throw-in.
  • Remind coaches that bench personnel should be seated, not standing.
  • Remind coaches that subs warming up should wear pinnies.
  • Review with coaches that PK shooters can be anyone on roster not red-carded and the order of shooters need not be determined.
  • Identify ball persons.
  • Confirm pre-game routine - anthem? introductions of players?
  • Pre-game conference with captains and head coaches - congratulate both teams and conduct normal pre-toss routine - ask coaches the question, read the Sportsmanship card.
  • Make sure teams line up and shake hands before the match begins.
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