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Summary of NASO member benefits


The best team on the field reviews 3-referee mechanics to get ready for sectionals. Briarcliff HS, October 18. 2021

Member sign on form / instructions

Exam & Concussion Training  Reporting

1. WPASOA members ... are you logged in? If the button at the top of the page looks like this: , please sign in first.  If you see your name, like this: , then you are ready to go. 

2.  Click on the NFHS Exam Results or Concussion Training, link at the left and follow the prompts. For detailed, step-by-step instructions (with pictures) click here.

If you need another copy of your ... 

... exam results, follow the instructions here for accessing your saved or completed exam,  copy everything from the top of the page (where your name is)  to your results, and paste into a document you can upload.

... concussion certificate, sign in at nfhslearn.com, go to Dashboard | My Certificates to download another copy that you can upload here.

Changing meeting registration

Click here for instructions on how to change your meeting registration between "Attendee" and "Excused Absence." 

Early Renewal

When you renew for next year BEFORE Nov 30, be sure to enter the coupon code PLAYON to receive a $25 discount from the $150 renewal price (net cost $125). Coupon valid only before November 30.  Click here for more detailed instructions.

Link for New Referees Signup 

Membership requirements

To be a member in good standing, each year referees must: 

  • Pass the online NFHS exam [exams.nfhs.org] by the Exam I deadline in early August.
    (80% for new and non-varsity refs; 85% for varsity refs) 
  • Pay annual dues
  • Pay any fines assessed;
  • Complete NFHS concussion awareness course  in the current year before the exam I deadline in August, or in the prior calendar year
  • Attend an interpretation meeting hosted by WPASOA or another NYSCOS-approved local Board each year, AND
  • Meet all of BOCES' requirements to be eligible for assignment

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