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Assignment Procedures - Sectionals

At the end of the regular season, BOCES will blend official's  coaches' ratings and WPASOA's relative assessments (top, middle, and lower third of each group) to form new sectional ranking lists, one for boys and one for girls. These new rankings lists include officials from groups 1A, 1, and 2A.

These new lists will be used by SW BOCES to assign officials to outbracket, first round, and quarter-final games, based on ranking, availability, and preferred or non-preferred lists of officials submitted by schools. In these rounds the dual system of control will be used.

In order to be included, an official must have worked or been scheduled to work a minimum of 15 games (combined boys and girls and all levels) for SW BOCES during the regular season. This is a WPASOA requirement.

Also, to be included on both boys and girls lists, an official must have worked at least 6 boys games AND 6 girls games. This is a SW BOCES requirement. For example, if an official worked 14 boys games but only 5 girls games, the official would only be potentially eligible for boys' sectional games.

For the semi-final and final rounds, the diagonal system of control will be used. The Board will submit to SW BOCES a list of qualified referees and assistant referees based on experience in the three-man system as Referee, Assistant Referee, or both. Officials will have the opportunity to submit their experience in the three-man system at the Tournament Rules Meeting.  Once again, assignments will be based on availability, and preferred and non-preferred lists of officials submitted by schools.

Regarding availability, as described in this note from Section 1,  "an official is allowed to block out one date during the tournament (except the semifinals and finals) and still be eligible to be considered for future post-season assignments." BOCES has confirmed that these rules still apply for the 2021 tournaments, and that the boys' and girls' tournaments are considered separate tournaments. 

The number of assignments given to Westchester officials depends on the seeding of the Westchester teams still in the tournament AND the match-ups. If a semi-final or final has two Westchester teams, Westchester officials will fill all 3 positions. In the case of two different counties, the Board whose team has the higher seed will provide the Referee and one Assistant Referee position.

The fees will be the same for the referee and the assistant referees. There is a 10% increase in fee for semi-final assignments and a 20% increase for finals assignments. Travel fees are applicable for assignments outside Westchester-Putnam.

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